Who’s SpikeyGuy? What’s ITEC 815? And what the heck does he mean by “Integrating Technology into School Curricula”, anyway?

And you think your school has problems!
And you think your school has problems!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Robert Ford, and this blog started as a part of my Instructional Technologies / Master’s in Education program (known as “ITEC”) here at San Francisco State University.
Instructional Tech covers the gamut, ranging from corporations to churches, schoolrooms and investment clubs and hospitals and the army, facilitating information exchange and knowledge acquisition in more and more new ways, all the time.

In fact, the field of Instructional Technology is so relatively new; many of the industries that need us most haven’t even invented job titles for us, yet. But they are quickly coming to see just how indispensible Instuctional Design done well can be, and no where is this more true than for those who are busy re-tooling the “Little Red School Houses” of yesterday into sophisticated, connected learning-generating dynamos, capable of launching 21st century students into orbits and horizons barely dreamt of, even a generation ago.

It’s truly such an exciting time. In fact, it’s only now slowly dawning on me just how exciting, and how life changing for so many, this kind of work can be. For those working with computers in general, this certainly is an amazing time. But for those who can use their skills toward making real, and lasting, difference in the lives of tomorrow’s generations – well, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Nothing a good WebQuest couldn't cure.
Nothing a good Webquest couldn’t cure.

So, join me along this journey, documenting for you and myself, a bit of that excitement, as I take on what’s “out there”, what’s possible, through the skills I am learning here with ITEC 815: “Integrating Technology into School Curricula”.

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