Webquest Weebly: More tools, more dilemmas

Webquet has plenty of ways to keep classes motivated.
Webquet has plenty of ways to keep classes motivated.

Week 7:  October 15th, 2014

Uh-oh, it’s “Show and Tell” time, again. Remember that activity? How fun it could be, back in primary school?  Well, here it is, again!  And it’s so fun (and occasionally, so odd )to have it take center stage in our classes, once again. Then again…those teachers did use it for a reason.

This week, our professor, Doctor Merchant, has highlighted two new ways to assist us (well, assisting teachers) in making quite some powerful impressions –Weebly and Webquest.  Unlike last week’s “PowerPoint  v. Prezi Smackdown”, these tools are quite different (don’t let the “W’s” fool you).

Webquest is a means of generating classroom (or??) interest in a subject, by encouraging groups of kids / learners – or individuals – to “quest” through the Internet for various aspects of a given subject. It’s all able to be moderated by classroom instructors, of course, with lots and lots of customizable parameters.

Weebly for EducationMeanwhile, Weebly is basically the easiest blog creation tool out there. Great for classroom use, probably less so for my needs, or say, a professional blogger, since the features are pretty minimal. But kids definitely seem to love it – which means, they’ll use it. And really, isn’t that everything?

Click here to see student / teacher Lauren Tant’s tutorial, “Utilizing a Webquest in the Classroom”

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