“Present Arms!” Presentation Smackdown: PowerPoint v. Prezi

Week 7:  October 12, 2014

This week, we covered two heavy-hitters in presentation software for classroom use: PowerPoint and Prezi. Both are amazing, with all kinds of options and customizable features – yet, truth told, both can be pains in the neck.

For me, the old standby still remains “PowerPoint”. Sure, Prezi entertains, but there is something about the “gimmicky” nature of all the motion that goes on between images / slides. It gets distracting, after a while.  Not to mention that unless you pay a hefty fee – anyone can steal your classroom kids’ ideas (or yours).

CertainlyPPR VS PREZI, Prezi was a game changer.  Meanwhile, PowerPoint hasn’t exactly been idle. Faced with this new upstart competition, they’ve taken on the challenge, expanding into all kinds of subtle features never seen before. Both, however, take a decent investment in time to master. But they payoff, in powerful, clean presentations can be huge. Of course, neither guarantees success. The rest of the job is up to me.

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