Is Beethoven Decomposing? — [Oh no, Mr. Bill! It’s Computational Thinking Time!]

Week 8: Computational Thinking

Hmm, this one’s definitely needed. It’s just sooo handy. Then again,got a couple dozen hours to spare? Good, well, double that, and you might come around to what’s needed for the “advanced beginner” stages for this kind of thought. Just don’t forget to practice. Because you’re going to forget a lot. That said, it’s not that hard to pick on up, again.

So, what is computational thinking, anyway? We asked that, in class. Is it an NFL Ref, measuring the needed yards for 1st Down? –Sure, why not? Is it that awful experiment we all once did, baking that cake with metric measurements – but only after we converted them from the “English” (American) measuring system for tablespoons, teaspoons, cups – into cc’s, liters, etc.? (I wouldn’t eat that cake if I were you). How about getting across the Bay Bridge, before the toll goes up at 3:30 pm, and calculating the time to get there (with Google Maps, of course!). Yes, yes, and yes. Except that was the easy part. Soon, I must demonstrate this concept with an exercise with Excel spreadsheets. Goodbye, cruel world.


Want know more?  Well, geek out!  You’re in luck.  This man’s journal article should give you plenty to compute on:

“Computational Thinking with Spreadsheet: Convolution, High-Precision Computing and Filtering of Signals and Images” by authors Soman, Kumar, Soumya, and Shajeesh

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